Creating a digital world that connects people to health care.

The driving force behind everything we do is our unwavering drive desire to help people have better access to healthcare. It’s why we believe in empathy over ego. We ask countless questions everyday, we value all ideas big or small and we think having fun while doing great work is the key to success.

How it all started

Chronometriq was founded in 2012 by passionate co-founders with the mission to liberate people from the waiting room. Soon after, they realized there was an opportunity to not only improve healthcare access for people, but also help clinics work more efficiently and at lower operating costs.
Since day one, collaboration with clinics has played a vital role in our experience thinking process when advancing our software products.

We embody our values

People first

We are obsessed with human behavior, we believe in listening first and we make sure to involve the people who use our products from start to finish.

Empathy matters

We are sensitive to the experiences our patients, customers and colleagues have, and we believe that, by understanding a feeling, we can learn a lot.

Keep being curious

We look at everything as an experiment, we learn from each others’ experiences and we ask questions before giving an answer.

Be authentic

We appreciate genuine conversations, raw expression of yourself and a what-you-see is-what-you-get approach.

Ownership and trust

We instill trust in our team, we feel the company is every employee’s company and, when we make any decision, it should be with this in mind.


We are constantly brainstorming, we design in the open and share progress early and often with each other. We always put the project before individual interest and don’t forget we have a lot of fun!

Want to be part of the Chronometriq team?

In order to create products that are used and loved by all people, with health as the common thread, we need a team with a variety of experiences, viewpoints and backgrounds.
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