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No-shows are now a thing of the past

Low-cost automated reminders allow clinics to reach patients by email, text or voicemail to remind them of their appointment.

Decrease no-shows

How reminders work for your patients

Send an Email

Patients see your clinic’s name in the subject line so they know it’s from you.
Email reminder

Push a SMS

Statistics have shown a greater open rate using text messages.
Text message reminder

Deliver a Voice message

Send a traditional voice call to your patients with your own personalized message.
Voice call reminder

Most people show up when they’re reminded

Increasing administrative efficiency

How your clinic uses ChronoRemind

Customized communication

From your dashboard, set reminders to your preferred communication method (sms, email, voice).


You can send up to 3 reminders and control what day they are delivered.
Dashboard setting for reminder frequency and communication mode

Custom messages

Deliver specific instructions to your patients by creating custom messages by appointment type.
Create custom messages from the dashboard

Patient feedback

Patients can confirm and cancel their appointment through automated reminders.

Status automatically updated

Appointment status updated automatically in the EMR.
Patients confirm or cancel appointments from a reminder