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8 ways digital tools can increase resilience in Medical Clinics during demanding times

The Chronometriq Team
Published Mar 16 2020

These situations often highlight the operational weaknesses of a clinic and put a strain on everyone. Digital tools can help not only in times of crisis but are also fundamental for clinics for everyday use.

Here’s how our ChronoSuite helps clinics.

Online appointment booking


Online booking takes care of managing appointments and offloads phone lines.
When calls for booking appointments are reduced, receptionists do only what a human can do - reassure other humans.
Online booking is flexible and in real-time: if a doctor offers more time slots to diagnose patients, online booking will reflect those availabilities in real time.
Our online booking page also has a section to display special messages: the messages can be updated by the clinic and are shown upfront to patients.

Automated Appointment Reminders


With reminders, clinics can include special messages or instructions in the reminder text. For example, the clinic can modify the default message to include a special procedure for COVID-19.

Self Check-in Kiosk


Reduces the risk of propagation to staff - Receptionists appreciate when patients don’t approach the front desk to check-in.
Clinics can use the kiosk to reduce demands on receptionists when the staff is limited. For example, when staff is sick or when staff does overtime.
The Kiosk wayfinder feature can direct patients to a specific waiting room based on provider and situation. For example, an isolation area for providers attending to COVID-19 patients.
The Chronometriq Suite of digital tools can not only help during these demanding times but are also fundamental for clinics for everyday use. Instead of being strained, you ease your patients’ minds, save your time, and focus on providing superior care.