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Chronometriq Offers AAR Product for Free to Help During COVID-19 Crisis

The Chronometriq Team
Published Mar 17 2020

Chronometriq was founded on the values of putting people first and that empathy matters. During this crisis, we continue to uphold our values.

We recognize that clear, precise, and quick communication is essential for staying ahead of the pandemic.

As such, we are offering our automated appointment reminder product, ChronoRemind, for free during this time of crisis.*

*Certain conditions apply. For new clients only. Contact us for all the details.

Special Messages or Instructions

ChronoRemind is a solution that clinics can use to include special messages or instructions via email, SMS, or voice message in an appointment reminder text.
(Ex. If you have a fever, a cough, or difficulty breathing, have travelled abroad, please call before coming in).

Very Quick to Set-Up

Considering that timing is of the essence, ChronoRemind can be set-up quickly in 3 easy steps:
Simply sign the order and authorization forms;
Then answer a few quick questions to initiate configuration and customize message;
Chronometriq and your EMR supplier will take care of the rest, and launch ChronoRemind in no time.
Patients and individuals want answers and to know what actions to take, but most importantly, they want to be reassured. As health care professionals, you want to prioritize urgent matters and to focus on providing superior care.
We’re all in this together. Let us help you right now during this time of need. To get ChronoRemind set-up quickly, call 1-888-420-8584 ext. 3