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Queue Management System

Contact-free queues protect your patients and employees

Free up your clinic’s waiting room with SMS queuing and remote registration.

Virtual Waiting Room

Keep your patients informed of their position in the queue with our Waiting Room Management System

From home or at the clinic, two easy ways for patients to register

MagicSeat registration-remote

From Home

Remote Registration

Patients can register for a consultation from home on your clinic’s website. Once registered, they will be kept up-to-date of their position in the queue via SMS or with the app.
MagicSeat registration-sms

In person

In-clinic Registration

Patients can register for a consultation directly at the clinic. They will complete their registration and be updated via SMS, no internet connection needed.

From Registration to Consultation

Keep your patients fully updated of their progress in the queue

MagicSeat process step1
Patients register remotely choosing the device of their choice
MagicSeat process step2
Patients receive a series of SMS as the queue progresses. They can also use the app to get the information in real time
MagicSeat process step3
Patients make their way to the clinic when it’s their turn only, avoiding a crowded waiting room

Flexible queue management features adapted to your clinic’s needs

Easily manage

Multiple Waiting Rooms

Manage multiple waiting rooms directly from the MagicSeat dashboard.
MagicSeat multiple waiting rooms

Easily manage

Multiple Queues

Add multiple queues to the waiting rooms you’re already managing.
MagicSeat multiple waiting queues

Keep your patients in the loop

Real-time in-app and SMS updates

Keep your patients updated in real time about their progress in the queue. Via the MagicSeat app or by SMS, your patients will know when it’s time to come back for their consultation.
MagicSeat real-time updates

Easy waiting room management, easy pricing

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