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Manage appointment bookings more efficiently

Let patients quickly and easily book appointments with healthcare professionals without having to pick up the phone.

One click away

How your patients find you

Your clinic’s website

Appointment booking made accessible directly from your website.
Book appointment button on your clinic website

Your own clinic listing

Patients can find you on Medikazam.com (Chronometriq’s directory of health professionals).
Your clinic listing on medikazam.com

A guided process

How your patients book online

One step identification

Patients enter unique identifier to begin the booking checkout flow.

Update patient information

Phone numbers and emails are validated by patients during the booking process to ensure their medical records are up to date.
Update patient information form

Pick a reason for visit

Create a list of reasons that suit your patients’ needs that they will be able to choose from.

List their symptoms

If enabled by a clinic, this powerful feature captures a short description and automatically adds it to the appointment notes in the EMR.
Reason for visit dropdown and symptoms field

Find an availability

Doctors have complete control over the appointment types available to current patients, new patients or patients from other doctors.

Receive a confirmation email

Patients can add an appointment to their personal calendar and cancel directly from the email.
Add appointment to my calendar or cancel from email

A level of convenience for your patients

No manual actions required

How your clinic uses ChronoBooking

Your staff continues to work within the EMR

Appointment status is automatically updated in the EMR and no reception staff training required.

Easy clinic activation

Your healthcare team is automatically added to the dashboard where you can manage each of their preferences.
Doctor’s individual schedule in the dashboard

Customization through the dashboard

Edit specific messages your patients read and upload your logo to brand the booking experience to feel like you!

Control who is booking, what and when

You have complete control over the appointment types available for patients, just set the accessibility level.
Set the types of appointments available for patients in the dashboard

Offer more options to patients

Prioritize primary provider availabilities for emergency appointments and show walk-in open time-slots if necessary.

Advanced access

Control the time of day and the number of days a specific type of appointment is offered online for booking.
Online appointment booking walk-in time slots