Video appointment platform

Introducing Telehealth

Provide virtual care for your patients

Make sure your patients get all the care they need with video appointments.

Easy booking

Video appointments work seamlessly with the HM portal's online booking features and involve the same scheduling procedures as regular EMR bookings.

Any appointment type can have video conferencing enabled.

Patients can book their appointment themselves using the e-booking feature.

Patients receive a confirmation email with the appointment details, as well as an appointment reminder email.

No download or registration required

Neither patient nor provider need to download any software to engage in video appointments.

Virtual consultations can be accessed by clicking the “Join Video Call” button/link in the email confirmation.

Patients only need an email address and a web browser with an internet connection to connect to their appointment.

Features that are easy to use for both the clinic and the patient.

Instant reminder

At the time of the appointment, if the patient is not there, the provider can send a one-time reminder to let them know they’re ready for the consultation. When the patient has arrived, the provider is informed.

Live chat

The provider and patient can use the live chat function to engage before or during the video appointment.

Chat message transcript is available to download after the consultation.

Automatic chart update

After the appointment, the start time, end time, duration and video chat transcript can be downloaded to the patient’s chart with just one click.

Everything is timestamped directly in the EMR for billing purposes.

An easy and secure telemedicine solution.